UPDATED: Do you use the Supra eKEY app with an Apple product? Please read this before updating to iOS 9!

Apple released iOS 9 on 9/16 for iPhones and iPads. Version 2.1.0 of Supra’s eKEY app will not communicate with an iBox BT LE keybox. Instead of doing so, the eKEY will return to the home screen. This issue is specific to the iBox BT LE; the eKEY app on iOS 9 communicates properly with the iBox BT and iBox.

Supra has updated the eKEY app to work with iOS 9.  Please do not update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9 until you have updated the eKEY app to version 2.2.1 which is available now.

This version of eKEY may prompt you for information related to the new end of showing notification feature scheduled for later this year. You may notice the following differences as you use the eKEY application:

For updates, visit Supra's website, here.