Committee participation and membership

Local Government Relations Committee North and South (Open committee participation, only members can participate in executive session and vote) – These are our primary policy committees.  Here you will review local, state, and federal legislative actions, and recommend policy positions to the OCR Board of Directors.  The committees often receive updates from local elected officials and community partners.  Meets monthly (10 times per year).

Political Affairs and Elections Committee (PAEC)(Closed to committee members only) - Handles political and election activities on behalf of the OCAR Board of Directors. Makes recommendations to support or oppose candidates for election to city, county, and state offices. Makes recommendations to support or oppose ballot measure and other issue-related campaigns. Conducts fundraising activities for the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF). Meets monthly (10 times per year).

Community involvement

Join city commissions and committees – Much like our OCR committees, city commissions and committees are tasked with making recommendations to the city council.  Some, like the planning commission, has decision making authority of their own.  Committees and commissions are a great way to move up the political ladder in your city, and any resident can apply.  Members are, however, selected by council members, so it helps to first attend local events and meeting and get to know you council members. 

Participate in local non-profits - Many of the same people that participate in local government, are active in local non-profits.  It’s another great way to get your foot in the door, and work for a great cause!


Speak at council meetings – When certain issues appear on a council agenda, OCR often needs speakers.  Volunteering to speak is a great way to get known, and advocate for homeowners. 

Respond to C.A.R. Red Alerts – Red Alerts are an easy and effective way to speak as one voice to our elected representatives.  Text REALTORS to 30644 to sign-up

Educate yourself – Being an educated community advocate is a great way to build trust with your clients.  Sign-up for government affairs emails (sent only once a week), at


Contact: Tony Capitelli – Government Affairs Director - – 949-268-0406