President’s Message: Summer Survival Guide

Tammy Newland-Shishido
By Tammy Newland-Shishido

Summer is the time for Pools, Picnics, and Potential business. Arrange your calendar to include all three—and spend Plenty of time with clients, family members, and friends!

If you are in my generation (over fifty-something), the number one tip for surviving summer is to have air conditioning in your home and a fan in your purse. As we approach the hotter months of the year, I am thankful for any client who has air conditioning, ceiling fans, or house fans in use.

As a parent, I remember summer was the time that I signed my kids up for camp and then worked my client appointments around dropping them off, picking them up, and watching their sports activities. I carried a folding chair in my car trunk, along with a pair of high heels, a blazer, tennis shoes, snacks, and a cooler of water.

Now that I am a grandparent, if my grandkids lived close, I would have the same things in my trunk. But the reality is that my kids and grandkids (probably just like yours) cannot afford to live in California. My daughter and four grandkids are in Arizona, where living expenses are much cheaper than they are here. But that also comes with a price—air conditioning bills of more than $550 a month during the summer. So we are installing attic insulation to help lower their summertime bills.

I use the Nest to control my utility expenses and just got WeMo to control the lights in my home. Because my husband and I we are empty nesters, all this special effort is for my cat, Sophia. I want to make sure she has lights on if we are at events or work late. My, how our priorities have changed over the years!

I have always worked hard and understand that I need to plan to play. Many years ago, as a newer agent, I canceled the vacation with my kids because I had an escrow falling apart. Lesson learned: Never cancel your vacation. Deals come and go. I know we all have business plans and plan to spend two hours a day generating leads. If you lead-generate, then you have time to enjoy the summer events that are free and fun. I love the “F” word, Fun!

Have you planned Fun in your summer? One of my clients feels very connected in her community because she and her neighbors have Wine Wednesdays. They bring their lawn chairs and wine to her back yard to enjoy one another’s company. My husband and I have made great friends enjoying free concerts in the park on Thursdays from June to September. We walk to the park with our wagon and bring food and drinks to share. I know many people love the free summer concerts at Lake Mission Viejo. We also enjoy the beach movies on the large inflatable screen with kids and dogs running around.

Summer is the time for Pools, Picnics, and Potential business. Take advantage of all the community events to invite your current and past clients to join you. Network with other REALTORS® around the nation for referrals. Arrange your calendar to include business, fun, and plenty of time with clients, family members, and friends.

Don’t forget the lesson: Never cancel your vacation because of a deal or business. You will not be remembered for your business, but you will be remembered for sharing your time, talent, and treasure and for how you made someone else feel.