Beyond the Basics: Setting up Appointments with ShowingTime

Coordinating showing appointments can be time consuming. Pull up the listing, review the showing instructions, call the listing agent and leave a message, text the agent (with the same message on the voicemail), and now you’ve spent 10 minutes on just one listing with nine more appointments to go. Want a better solution? ShowingTime, your free member benefit, helps agents cooperate to coordinate showing appointments with minimum hassle.

Topics covered:

  • ShowingTime benefits
  • How to set up your profile and communication preferences (voice call, text, email or all of the above?)
  • How to leave property feedback

Listing Agents:

  • How to set up showing instructions and/or restrictions for your properties
  • “Appointment Required,” vs. “Show and Go”
  • How to approve appointments

Buyer’s Agents:

  • Set up a single showing request for one listing
  • Set up multi-property showing requests using the ShowingCarts feature)
  • How to create a list of properties in showing order
  • Plan the fastest route (your client’s will appreciate this!)

Anthony Bried

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