Four Surprising Benefits of Shipping-Container Homes

By Marissa Hughes

1. They are affordable.
Because shipping containers are not in high demand for use as homes, buying one is much cheaper than purchasing a house. Container homes come preconstructed with a ceiling, walls, and floors so all you need to do is arrange the interior to your liking. Having them preconstructed saves time and money because dividing the interior space requires far less time and far fewer materials than constructing a traditional home from scratch.

2. They are eco-friendly.
Millions of shipping containers around the world go unused. Rather than allowing them to sit in junkyards while they deteriorate, people are buying them and turning them into homes. By repurposing one of these containers, you reduce not only the amount of waste that goes into the environment but also the need for building materials like brick, concrete, and wood.

3.They are durable.
A shipping-container home will last. The core structure is a high-quality steel box designed to withstand tough weather conditions and temperature extremes. And because shipping containers are made of steel, they are impervious to insects like termites and carpenter bees!

4. They are portable.
Shipping containers can offer you freedom! How nice would it be to take your home with you when you travel? Well, you can if you design yours to be moved. If you mount your shipping-container home on a trailer bed, you will have the freedom either to travel around the country with it or to park it and stay put. Theoretically, you could ship your home anywhere in the world because a system for transporting shipping containers on both land and sea already exists.

If you want something that is affordable, eco-friendly, durable, and portable, then a shipping-container home just might be what you are looking for!