President's Message: GREEN!

By Matt Clements

When I think of green, I think of my son’s favorite color and of fresh-cut grass on a baseball field. I think of clean, of fresh, of abundance. I think of opportunity. Here we are in the Spring of 2019, the season of green, which is the theme for this issue of OC REALTOR®.

My son Noah loves garbage trucks. Green ones. Big ones. They are so cool to a two-year-old. I am fascinated by the creativity and imagination of a larger-than-life object and by the association of the color green with that image.

Real estate Opening Day started with a solid base hit up the middle, and the market appears to be greening once again.

We’re already rounding first base, and Spring is going to be one of the best sales seasons in the history of real estate—hotter than we’ve experienced for January. Give yourself a high five!

If you’re a goal writer—and I encourage all members to write down their goals—by now, you should have written your business and personal goals for the year in less than one page.

If you have not done so, answer these questions: What are your income goals? What are your total sales volume goals? Travel goals? Family goals? Health goals? Spiritual goals? Relationship goals? What, exactly, is your why?

Lean in. Dig deep. Be brave. Understand what drives you and focus on it. Harness that drive all year long. We have an incredible season ahead, and the line-up card is looking really solid.

Explore this Green issue. Find new ways to become greater. Take a class or two. Check out our new coach, David Halpern. Join the Young Professionals Network (YPN) and meet newer agents in the business. Go to the Annual Membership Meeting in March, see the Housing Forecast, and learn why 2019 is going to be a strong year.

As President, I encourage all members to become familiar with the new green laws that pertain to redevelopment, pay attention to tax season and how the recent tax reform may affect your clients, and understand why Spring is harvest season in Orange County.

Have fun. Do the right thing. Win the day!