Getting from “No” to “Yes”

By Matt Clements

It’s often said that children put everything into perspective. I have a super-fun two-year-old! He puts me in my place daily with his energy, innocent love, and that simple, happy smile. To a father, that’s perspective!

Cute and charming as our son is, he’s becoming ever so cunning with his words. He has officially learned how to say “no.” He says the word clearly and often and sometimes says, “Daddy, no!”

It reminds me of the prospects who will deliver that same line, “no,” but are not as “cute” when they say it as my baby boy.

Remember, most people are so negative that they must say “no” at least seven times before they can say “yes”!

Ask great questions, listen to the answers your prospects give, and appreciate what they are sharing with you. Their sharing is the beginning of their journey of trust. If you made it to the table to be one of the REALTORS® they are considering, you are on the right track.

This month, we find ourselves in the Spring Market— the peak season for real estate—filled with abundant opportunities for “yes.” The real question is: Are you a “yes” REALTOR®?

If you are, it’s time to dig deeper and answer this question: Are you a homeowner?

I’d like each of you to answer this question and discover your real why or why not? Why do you own a home? Why don’t you own a home? What does a home represent to you and your family? Begin to ask yourself these critical questions and you’ll discover the true meaning of the word “home.” Make this peak season your best yet!