MySmartBlinds are simple and can be customized to save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs

By Albert Ornelas

MySmartBlinds are horizontal blinds that can be customized to fit the windows in any home. They come in two colors, white and walnut. Patented SmartLock technology allows homeowners to snap the blinds in place with the push of a lever and eliminates the need for specialized tools or professional installers. Emily Brimhall, CEO and founder of MySmartBlinds, came up with the idea for this product. While struggling to install new blinds in her own home, she wondered if it might be possible to eliminate the need either to use tools or to hire help to install window coverings.

As the result of Brimhall’s musings, her company has designed easy-to-install blinds, an Automation Kit for smartphone control of these blinds, a Smart Switch for remote access within Bluetooth range, the Bridge (which connects to either Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home devices), and the Solar Panel (which powers a continuously charging battery). “With MySmartBlinds, homeowners can maintain their home’s security, temperature, privacy, and light—all in one convenient place,” explains Brimhall, whose goal was to help homeowners get back to the things in their lives that matter most.

The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit controls the tilting of the horizontal blinds on a schedule and on demand from a smartphone. After downloading the app for an Apple iOS or Android smartphone, homeowners can increase either light or privacy on demand. And this kit gives them the power to maintain room temperatures more efficiently, thereby lessening the need to operate either heating or cooling appliances. By setting the daily and weekly schedules on their smartphones, homeowners can use sun-tracking to maintain the light levels they prefer even as times and seasons change.

The MySmartBlinds system includes a peel-and-stick Smart Switch that can be placed on a wall, cabinet, or other furniture. The switch is removeable for handheld capability to adjust blinds throughout the house. Using only one switch, homeowners can control up to thirty-two blinds. The switch can override scheduled preferences for on-demand control when there is an unexpected need for increased light or more privacy.

The Bridge, the exclusive WiFi bridge from MySmartBlinds, was launched as a successful Kickstarter in 2017. The pitch was to users who might want to access their window coverings through the Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. With the Bridge, users can control their blinds with voice commands when they are away from home and outside Bluetooth range.

The MySmartBlinds Solar Panel is powered by the sun or by the micro USB charging cable for low-light windows. Rather than being bulky, it is a bar that is designed to attach discreetly on the back side of MySmartBlinds, where it converts solar energy into electricity. The Solar Panel was created to eliminate the need for repeated charging via an electrical outlet and can hold a charge for about six months.

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