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When joining OCAR for the first time, the Association will offer a one-time waiver of OCAR local dues and OCAR processing fees for members on Active Military Duty and/or their spouses. Also, when joining OCAR for the first time, the Association will offer a one-time waiver of OCAR processing fees and a one-time, half-off of OCAR dues to U.S. Military Veterans. We'll need proof of Active Duty or Veteran status at time of joining.

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zipForm® Mobile is now free for C.A.R. members in 2015. Quickly create new transactions on your tablet or smartphone. With the built-in TouchSign™ feature, you can have clients sign directly on your tablet! zipLogix Digital Ink® and DocuSign® are integrated into zipForm® Mobile, making it easy to send your documents off for digital signature.

To begin using zipForm® Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. From your mobile device, open the Internet and go to
  2. Choose "Use C.A.R. Credentials" from the drop-down menu*
  3. Enter your username and password to the website
  4. Click Login

*Broker and Team Edition users, choose "Use zipForm credentials"

iPhone and iPad users:

You may download the "zipForm® Mobile Companion" App instead of opening an internet browser. 

To learn more about zipForm® Mobile, attend a free webinar!

C.A.R. knows the importance of being mobile and keeping you connected to important contracts anywhere your schedule takes you. Visit or register to attend one of C.A.R.'s FREE upcoming webinars:



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Looking for a last minute tax deduction? Consider giving to the OCAR Cares Foundation! Those who donate $500 or more to the OCAR Cares Foundation before February 28, 2015, will be recognized as members of the OCAR Cares Founders Circle at the Annual Membership Meeting. This is a one-time opportunity. 

Donate Now! 

Learn more about the OCAR Cares Foundation...

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With a new year, new laws go into effect. The California Association of REALTORS® legal department has put together a comprehensive chart of new laws that affect REALTORS® and a brief summary of each. Topics include Broker record retention, team names, and agency disclosures. Check it out here.

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With the launch of OC FastStats next month, we'll deliver monthly market stats and engaging videos like this one. Share the video on your social media.

More information about OC FastStats

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Beginning on Saturday, January 10 our offices will be open from 9am to 1pm, every Saturday until the end of the month. Can't get down to our office locations? You can save time (and gas) by renewing your dues online—you can even elect to be on the bimonthly payment plan. Simply log into My Account to get started.

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The National Association of REALTORS® has won the rights to the new .realestate top-level domain. NAR intends to use the .realestate domain along with the recently acquired .REALTOR domain to create order for real estate information on the Internet and to provide NAR members with tools that help brand themselves as the most trusted, valued source of real estate information. More…

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We care about your safety while you are out showing properties.  Here are 10 ways to stay safe: 

1.  Always carry your cell phone where it is readily accessible. Do not leave it in the purse you locked in the trunk of your car or stowed out of sight in a kitchen cabinet.

2.  Be aware of your surroundings. Preview property before you show it. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the property, including all entrances and exits, and with the neighborhood.

3.  Be careful how you dress. Flashy or expensive jewelry may attract the wrong kind of attention.

4.  Implement a buddy system. Enlist at least five close friends or colleagues on whom you can rely in case of an emergency. Tell them in advance what property you will be showing and trust that they will have your back.

5.  Ask prospective clients to meet you at your office. Before you take clients to see a property, get a license plate number and leave it at the front desk. Explain to your clients that doing so is office policy; a client who means no harm won’t mind.

6.  Always take your own car for showings. When you leave your car, lock it.

7.  When showing a property, let potential buyers take the lead while you follow. If there are features you want to call to their attention, do so from the rear, not the front. 

8.  Avoid going into the basement, walk-in closets, or other closed or confined areas with a prospect. Be familiar with all entrances and exits.  

9. Never advertise a property as vacant or show one alone at night. To do so is to invite trouble.

10. Don't host an open house alone; take along a colleague. And suggest to home owners that they take breakables off tabletops and stow valuables in safe places, well out of sight. 


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Half of all millennials viewed real estate websites last month, but fewer homes on the market, increasing prices, and tight lending standards have made it difficult for them to become homeowners. The Top 10 Fall Markets for Millennial Home Buyers list shows that despite trends shown in the August National Housing Trend Report of strong prices and limited inventory, some markets are primed and ready for millennial home buyers this fall. More…

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This is a friendly reminder to make sure you're aware of a city's sign rules before you place your open house signs.  Cities across Orange County have increased enforcement of their existing sign regulations.  Did you know that in some areas of Orange County you cannot attach flags or other wind-driven items, like balloons, to your signs?  

Aliso Viejo: open house signs cannot be placed on sidewalks or any public property. The public right-of-way extends from the street to the sidewalk and 3' beyond the edge of the sidewalk. Signs cannot be placed within 3' of the public sidewalk. City regulations also state that signs cannot be put up before 8 a.m. and can only be posted during the open house times. They must be removed by dusk. In an effort to prevent confiscation or citations, warning notices are affixed to the noncompliant signs so that the REALTOR® or person retrieving them is provided with notice of the violation. For more information about Aliso Viejo's sign regulations, contact (949) 425-2539 or  

Laguna Beach: many of the offending signs are from outside area agents. If a sign is found to be in violation, a letter will be sent to the agent with a compliance date. If the agent fails to contact the city and correct the violation, the city may issue an Administrative Citation which carries a daily fine amount of $100 per day, per violation until compliance is met.  

OCAR has taken great effort to research the signs rules for Orange County's cities and select cities in Los Angeles county. Take advantage of this member benefit today. Sign Ordinances is available in ePub format or PDF.

In all cities, signs posted in the public right-of-way (such as blocking a sidewalk) pose a danger to pedestrian safety and handicap accessibility—please be considerate of where you place your signs.

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