This is a friendly reminder to make sure you're aware of a city's sign rules before you place your open house signs.  Cities across Orange County have increased enforcement of their existing sign regulations.  Did you know that in some areas of Orange County you cannot attach flags or other wind-driven items, like balloons, to your signs?  

Aliso Viejo: open house signs cannot be placed on sidewalks or any public property. The public right-of-way extends from the street to the sidewalk and 3' beyond the edge of the sidewalk. Signs cannot be placed within 3' of the public sidewalk. City regulations also state that signs cannot be put up before 8 a.m. and can only be posted during the open house times. They must be removed by dusk. In an effort to prevent confiscation or citations, warning notices are affixed to the noncompliant signs so that the REALTOR® or person retrieving them is provided with notice of the violation. For more information about Aliso Viejo's sign regulations, contact (949) 425-2539 or  

Laguna Beach: many of the offending signs are from outside area agents. If a sign is found to be in violation, a letter will be sent to the agent with a compliance date. If the agent fails to contact the city and correct the violation, the city may issue an Administrative Citation which carries a daily fine amount of $100 per day, per violation until compliance is met.  

OCAR has taken great effort to research the signs rules for Orange County's cities and select cities in Los Angeles county. Take advantage of this member benefit today. Sign Ordinances is available in ePub format or PDF.

In all cities, signs posted in the public right-of-way (such as blocking a sidewalk) pose a danger to pedestrian safety and handicap accessibility—please be considerate of where you place your signs.