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Syndication Q&A

How do I know what my broker has chosen?

  • Currently, Matrix does not provide any sort of indication to the agent as to what option (if any) their broker has selected. The agent would need to speak directly with their DB or OM to get this information.

What was the reason for this change in Matrix?

  • As of 4/7/15, Zillow and Trulia stopped working with Listhub, leaving brokers without a mechanism to send their listings to these sites. The Matrix Syndication control preserves the ability for our brokers to direct their data to Zillow and Trulia.

Does the Broker need to opt in before the agent can make modifications?

  • Yes, in addition, the DB or OM needs to select “Allow Agent Choice” if they would like their agents to choose whether or not to syndicate to the Zillow Group.

Will existing listings be sent to Zillow or do I need to re-input into Matrix?

  • Once the decision is made to syndicate to the Zillow Group, existing listings will be made available, thus there is no need to re-input listings in Matrix.

Do we need to do this for every listing or just once?

  • Just once as this is an office/agent level control and not a per listing control.

Where/how do I find my office ID?

  • Via roster search. 

Why is this in add/edit under Roster?

  • The control was placed here to centralize it where an agent/broker would normally manage their contact information and photos.

What property types will be syndicated to Zillow/Trulia?

  • All property types.

Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost to syndicate to the Zillow Group via Matrix.

How often does Zillow/Trulia refresh data?

  • No less than every 12 hours, but at their discretion may refresh data every 15 minutes.
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