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By Tammy Newland-Shishido

As you may already be aware, the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors voted to change our official name from Orange County Association of REALTORS®—or OCAR, as we often were called—to Orange County REALTORS®. The Directors made this change primarily to emphasize the REALTOR® brand and all of us as members.

The National Association of REALTORS® estimates that the REALTOR® brand is worth $6 billion dollars, and we wanted to leverage it. By moving away from an acronym and using a name that places greater emphasis on the word REALTORS®, we will make the community more aware of who we are, where we live, and what we do.

We are Orange County REALTORS®!

Any major change requires time, dedication, and a vetting process. We started this process last year when we heard from branding experts about updating our image, logo, and name. We talked with many other Associations that have gone through rebranding at both the state and the national level. We had a task force whose members debated both sides of making a change and who gave direction to form another task force of leaders who had experience in rebranding.

Then, your Directors worked with our Management Team members and marketing consultants to design a new logo that would be both inclusive and reflective of our members. We also changed our tag line from “A Step Ahead” to “Association of Professionals” because that is who and what we are.

In our new logo, the orange represents the history of Orange County with its orange groves while paying homage to the sun shape that was part of our previous logo. The blue reflects professionalism and represents both the ocean and the sky. The buildings represent the various forms of real estate, including single-family, multi-family, and commercial. These forms move from small to large to signify our hope for continuing beneficial growth throughout Orange County. Finally, a single line connects all these elements to illustrate how real estate unifies the community.

We believe that this new logo says community and that we as REALTORS® are the ones who build communities. We hope you are as excited as we are about the new logo design and our fresh image. These changes were made to better represent and promote us all.

We are neither OCAR nor OCR; we are Orange County REALTORS®!

Disclaimer: Orange County REALTORS®' logo (or a derivative of its logo), appearing on and on its social networking pages, may not be used in any advertising, promotional material or to indicate endorsement or sponsorship without Orange County REALTORS®' written permission.

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Orange County REALTORS® hosts seven weekly marketing meetings throughout Orange County for members to promote their listings and network. Recently our Huntington Beach meeting, led by facilitator Lori Jones with Central Escrow Group, raised money for another great cause. 

“At our annual review to discuss the Preview Meeting, our group voted on numerous non-profits in our community [to contribute to] which included the Huntington Beach Council on Aging,” said Lori Jones. The Huntington Beach meeting previously raised money for donation to the HB Tree Society

Huntington Beach Council on Aging gladly accepted their donation of $2,000. Ed Pinchiff, president of Huntington Beach Council on Aging, expressed his gratitude for the "kind donation." He offered an explanation of what HBCOA does for the community. "The Huntington Beach Council on Aging (HBCOA) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization which seeks to enhance the dignity and quality of life of seniors.  HBCOA supports local seniors and their families through many beneficial programs including those offered at the Senior Center in Central Park.  HBCOA support includes a wide variety of services, classes, activities, and clubs designed to help seniors stay healthy and active.  Our goal is to assist seniors with maintaining self-sufficiency and independence with dignity." 

When asked what organization would be next up for donations, Jones said “We are now raising money for Catarina’s Club which serves meals and housing assistance to underprivileged children.”

To learn more about Orange County REALTORS® weekly marketing meetings, visit the webpage.

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Orange County REALTORS® is dedicated to providing members with valuable market data to utilize in the business. In order to provide a quick glance at the housing market, an OC Market Snapshot for both detached and attached homes will be posted online each month. Members can use these graphics for marketing materials and listing presentations. Be sure to also review the Monthly Housing Summary for a more comprehensive look at the County. For a detailed look at over 180 neighborhoods throughout Orange County, use OC FastStats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_July2018_detached.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_July2018_attached.png

The average of inventory for detached homes was 3.7 months. That is up from last year when it was 3.3 months of supply. Attached homes inventory has increased to 3.0 months compared to 2.2 months in July of last year.

The median sales price has risen since last year for detached homes at $832,000 but is slightly lower than last month ($841,000). Attached homes continue to rise with a median sales price of $515,000 which is up 7.8% from $477,700 last year.

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