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Orange County REALTORS® is dedicated to providing members with valuable market data to utilize in the business. In order to provide a quick glance at the housing market, an OC Market Snapshot for both detached and attached homes will be posted online each month. Members can use these graphics for marketing materials and listing presentations. Be sure to also review the Monthly Housing Summary for a more comprehensive look at the County. For a detailed look at over 180 neighborhoods throughout Orange County, use OC FastStats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_June2018_attached.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_June2018_detached.png

The average of inventory for detached homes was 3.6 months. That is up slightly from last year when it was 3.3 months of supply. Attached homes inventory has increased to 2.8 months compared to 2.2 months in June of last year.

The median sales price has risen since last year for detached homes at $841,000 but is slightly lower than last month ($849,450). Attached homes continue to rise with a median sales price of $517,000 which is up 7.9% from $479,000 last year.

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The demand for homes in Orange County is strong, and homebuilders are eager to construct; but available land is scarce. Knowledgeable REALTORS® can supplement their income by locating parcels with potential and making builders or developers aware of them. 

By John Kaye


What is land brokerage?
Land brokerage is a highly specialized niche in the real estate business which involves locating and marketing parcels of raw land so that it can be developed for residential or commercial use. 

Can REALTORS® be land brokers?
Absolutely! Fifteen to twenty years ago, the opportunities for REALTORS® to broker land were scarce; but today, because there is so little vacant land in California’s coastal counties, developers and builders welcome the opportunity to learn about available land from REALTORS®. 

Why is the opportunity for REALTORS® greater today?
During the late 1990s, multiple master-planned communities provided a plethora of vacant lots for homebuilders. Today, most of these master plans are completely built out and very few lots are available. Nonetheless, the demand for new homes in Orange County is strong, and homebuilders want to construct as many as four hundred homes a year. In the absence of large vacant parcels, these builders are turning to infill sites. During the late 1990s, they would have wanted a minimum of sixty to seventy-five lots for a viable project. Today, a major homebuilder will buy a two-acre parcel that provides as few as twenty lots. 

Aren’t there experienced land brokers who can fill this role?
In the Southern California residential development industry, six or seven boutique land brokerage firms dominate the transactions between land buyers and sellers; however, these firms tend to focus on the obvious larger parcels in Orange County or the Inland Empire. Finding smaller parcels in built-out submarkets is a bit more difficult because (1) they are small and (2) another use already exists on the parcel. Thus, local REALTORS® have an opportunity to broker these smaller parcels if they are able to recognize their potential. 

How much does a land broker need to know about development?
Just enough to recognize whether a parcel has development potential. Developers and homebuilders have land-acquisition experts who thoroughly analyze and vet potential land opportunities. Even with the most seasoned land brokers, I have found that these acquisition managers prefer to do their own analysis after receiving the basic information from a broker.  

Keep in mind that these land-acquisition managers are very busy. They may be actively pursuing as many as ten parcels and have another forty opportunities on their watch list. They will consider the process successful if they close two or three of these transactions. Developers and builders will look at many, many land opportunities just to find one transaction that is economically viable. 

When I say that a land broker should know “just enough,” I mean that he or she should be sufficiently familiar with the basic characteristics of the parcel to provide essential information quickly and not waste anyone’s time, particularly that of the land-acquisition manager. A land buyer will gladly look through ten to twenty prospective parcels if there is some semblance of potential.  

Are land transactions similar to home sales?
Yes, but only in the sense that you have a buyer, seller, and an escrow process. Beyond that, the land brokerage game tends to be played in a much different manner. Typically, land brokers do not cooperate with one another in any type of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. All seasoned land brokers know most of the potential land buyers in their market. And, while some land sellers will have a formal listing with a land broker, many land commissions are paid by the buyers without any land listing agreement. 

How much are land brokerage commissions?
Commissions are negotiable. As an example, for a $5 million land transaction, a 3 percent commission would be right in the ballpark. I have seen aggressive land buyers offer higher commissions to land brokers to ensure that they get first shot at an opportunity. I have also seen what I would consider more narrow-minded land buyers who try to gouge or stiff a land broker.  Once a land broker understands the market and the value of a potential land parcel, commissions can to be protected with written agreements. 

Land brokerage commissions can widely vary. I have seen commissions in the seven-figure range for huge land transactions, or as low as $10,000 for a small parcel. But for the most part, land commissions can be quite substantial. I would not count on closing a land transaction every month; however, closing one or two a year can be quite rewarding. 

How would a REALTOR® get started in the land brokerage business?
For the most part, all you need is a computer, telephone, and persistence; but some knowledge of development will help a land broker be more time efficient and get the attention of land buyers. Argus College has been providing some land brokerage courses at Orange County REALTORS®, including a free session titled Intro to Land Brokerage. We have a five-course online certification program for land brokerage, which provides much of the essential training and knowledge you need to get started in land brokerage. The idea is that you, as the land broker, know what you are looking for and that you also have a sense of what developers and builders want.

Land Brokerage Training

Live Classes:
EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Intro to Land Brokerage - July 30, 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. in Laguna Hills office (FREE for Members)

Online On-Demand Courses:
Overview of Home Building - FREE
Intro to Land Brokerage - $95
Intro to Land Development - $95
Intro to Entitlements - $95
Intro to Land Acquisition - $95
Intro to Pro Formas (Land Valuation) - $95
Land Brokerage Certification (5 Courses) - $375


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Glide, a provider of real estate software solutions that empower agents with easy-to-use, secure, and convenient new ways to complete real estate transactions online, today announced a partnership with the Orange County REALTORS® that immediately enables Orange County REALTORS® members to use the company’s popular Glide Forms application. Glide Forms is distributed through a partnership with zipLogix™ and is embedded within the zipForm® Plus transaction management system. Beginning today, agents who are Orange County REALTORS® members can access Glide Forms free of charge via zipForm® Plus

When a real estate agent’s client sells their home, the owner is required to accurately complete and submit a number of deal-critical disclosure forms. As agents know, this means that sellers are presented with forms containing complex legal language that often proves confusing and challenging to complete. As a result, these documents are commonly submitted with incomplete or inaccurate information, causing frustration and needless delays in the transaction process. 

Glide Forms addresses these legacy issues through its TurboTax-style wizard that home sellers can use to accurately, quickly, and painlessly complete required paperwork – such as the Transfer Disclosure Statement and other California disclosure forms – through an intuitive all-digital interface. The wizard asks home sellers questions about their properties in plain language, making it clear how to disclose important details through user-friendly, conversational interactions. In addition to eliminating the frustration of often-confusing forms and delays due to missed questions, unreadable handwriting, and other common issues, Glide Forms allows agents to track their clients’ progress and digitally receive the finished forms as soon as they are completed. The purpose-built solution is also optimized for mobile use. 

“I tried Glide Forms and it was so easy!” said Rita Tayenaka, REALTOR® at Coast to Canyon Real Estate. “I notified my client that she would be getting an email and to complete the forms when she had time. She had previously filled out the paper form but mistakenly answered some questions incorrectly and her writing was hard to read. With Glide Forms the process was much smoother for both her and me.” 

“In our digital age, there shouldn’t be any reason for agents and home sellers to be slowed down by the difficulties of complex and cumbersome forms,” said Sebastian Tonkin, CEO, Glide. “We’re proud of our partnership with Orange County REALTORS® and look forward to its members seeing what Glide Forms has to offer them and their clients.” 

Learn more about Glide Forms

About Glide
Glide provides software solutions that helps real estate agents simplify their transaction process, reduce risk, and close more deals with less effort. The company’s first release, Glide Forms, is integrated into zipForm® Plus and allows California home sellers to complete required disclosure forms electronically for the first time ever.

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Orange County REALTORS® 2018 President, Tammy Newland-Shishido is pleased to announce the election results of the 2019 Officer positions of President-Elect and Treasurer held at the June 27, 2018, Orange County REALTORS®’ Board of Directors meeting. 

Board member Danielle Corliss will serve as President-Elect in 2019, President in 2020 and Immediate Past President in 2021 and Lisa Schulz will serve a one-year term as Treasurer in 2019.  


Danielle Corliss: Danielle has been a REALTOR® since 1997.  She is Broker/Owner of Corliss Realty Inc. in Dove Canyon.

Lisa Schulz: Lisa has been a REALTOR® since 1998, and she is currently Chief Operating Officer of HomeSmart, Evergreen Realty in Irvine.

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Dave Girling is back with his latest Top 10 Economic and Other Factors That May Affect Real Estate! Familiarity with these ten factors will enable you to address questions about the real estate market, especially about real estate values and where they may be headed. 


Members of Orange County REALTORS® are entitled to receive a three-month subscription to Dave Girling’s Real Estate Blog as a free member benefit. Click below to subscribe and use the code OCRFree.

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Want to screen a prospective tenant?  OC REALTORS® provides screening services through RentSpree at no cost and allows you to quickly and easily receive a comprehensive application package for each applicant.  With RentSpree, you will be able to receive the following for each applicant:

  1. Credit report and score
  2. Criminal background check
  3. Fifty state eviction history
  4. Completed rental application
  5. Tenant identity verification

To screen a new tenant, all you need is the applicant’s email address.  Simply enter the email address into your RentSpree account and the applicant will automatically receive an email invitation to complete the application process.  You can also distribute a handout during showings to get screening reports back on the spot.

Applicants complete the process and authorize their screening reports in minutes using any computer or mobile device.

Request your personal demo today to learn more by visiting

Applicants pay only a $30 fee to apply and there are no additional costs for you to use the service.

You can visit to either request a demo or get started today!  Or, to learn more, you can always call RentSpree at (323) 515-7757.

View On-Demand Webinar



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Orange County REALTORS® is dedicated to providing members with valuable market data to utilize in the business. In order to provide a quick glance at the housing market, an OC Market Snapshot for both detached and attached homes will be posted online each month. Members can use these graphics for marketing materials and listing presentations. Be sure to also review the Monthly Housing Summary for a more comprehensive look at the County. For a detailed look at over 180 neighborhoods throughout Orange County, use OC FastStats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_May2018_attached.png       b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_May2018_detached.png

The average of inventory for detached homes was 3.4 months. That is up slightly from last year when it was 3.2 months of supply. Attached homes inventory has increased to 2.5 months compared to 2.1 months in May of last year.

The median sales price continue to rise with detached homes coming in at $849,450 which is up 6.2% from 2017. Attached homes rose 4.7% to a median sales price of $501,000 from $478,500 last year.

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Congratulations to Our Newly Elected 2019-2021 Directors!

Thank you to all of the candidates who participated and all of our members that voted!

The following candidates (in no particular order) were elected to serve as OC REALTORS® Directors, 2019-2021:

Jeffrey Jackson Liz Lewis Lacy Robertson Adam Rodell Julie Hile
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In Memoriam: Elizabeth Ann Bernard Claus

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved member and director, Elizabeth Ann Bernard Claus. 

Elizabeth was born July 13, 1946 in Boston, Massachusetts and passed on April 29th, 2018 in San Clemente, California. Liz went to elementary school in the Boston Catholic Dioceses. She graduated from Regina Dominican high school in Wilmette, Illinois. She went on to graduate from Marquette University with a BA in Speech. Her dad, an attorney, who presented cases before the Supreme Court, got her a two-year internship in the White House. It was then she developed a love for politics. Liz traveled to the west coast and got a job in the film industry. While working in LA she met and married Tom who has since passed away. Liz then entered the Real Estate industry. She started with Fred Sands and ended up running all of Fred’s offices in West LA. She was living in West Hollywood and served on the West Hollywood planning commission for four years. Liz moved to Dana Point and joined Christie’s great estates as the western states manager in a territory that included every state west of the Mississippi including Alaska and Hawaii. Liz was appointed to the Dana Point Planning Commission and served 10 years. Liz met her husband Bart in 2002 while they were both working out at the same gym. Bart says, “I fell in love with Liz at first sight.” They dated and stayed together for the next 16 years, eight years of which they were married, until the Lord took her. “The Lord has taken the woman I love, my darling Liz.” All of his family and friends tell Bart she is in a “better place” and that he should be thankful for that, and he knows that. But that doesn’t make Bart miss her any less.

Arrangements are being made for Liz to be buried at sea on June 23, 2018.
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Orange County REALTORS® is dedicated to providing members with valuable market data to utilize in the business. In order to provide a quick glance at the housing market, an OC Market Snapshot for both detached and attached homes will be posted online each month. Members can use these graphics for marketing materials and listing presentations. Be sure to also review the Monthly Housing Summary for a more comprehensive look at the County. For a detailed look at over 180 neighborhoods throughout Orange County, use OC FastStats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_April2018_detached.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_April2018_attached.png

The average of days on market for detached homes was 35 days. That is a drop from last year when it was 46 days. Attached homes sold in an average of 27 days compared to 38 days in April of last year.

The median sales prices in April for detached was $830,000 which is up 6.5% from 2017. Attached homes rose 10.2% to a median sales price of $512,250 from $465,000 last year.

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The twenty applicants accepted for the Orange County REALTORS® 2nd Annual Leadership Academy in September 2017, have now graduated from the intensive eight-month leadership program, and have just returned from joining more than 2,000 REALTORS® in Sacramento for the California Association of REALTORS®’ Legislative Day on May 2, 2018. 

Rita Tayenaka, 2017-2018 Academy Chair and 2015 President of the Orange County REALTORS© said, “It is the goal of the academy to give participants the confidence to embrace the responsibility to serve as a leader in the real estate industry and the community.”  

She noted, “Several of our alumni and participants have already stepped up to leadership roles not only within Orange County REALTORS© but at the state level of other real estate industry organizations such as the Women’s Council of REALTORS© (WCR).  Locally as President of the Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce, and in leadership roles for the Orange County Chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), the Asian American Real Estate Association (AAREA) and Young Professionals Network (YPN). 

“We are proud to acknowledge our Leadership Academy graduates," stated Tammy Newland-Shishido, 2018 President of Orange County REALTORS©.  "They have completed the program and a legislative visit to the State Capitol. Some have already accepted leadership roles within our association, and our Credentials Committee has approved several applications from graduates as candidates for the election of the Association’s 2019 Board of Directors.”  

Graduates are:  
Cassandra Amos – Nova Real Estate Inc.
Edward Arce – Intero Home Services a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate
Matt Cortez - First Team Real Estate
Olesya Drozdova – HomeSmart Evergreen Realty, Irvine
Leslie Eskildsen – Realty One Group Inc.
Spencer Hoo – RE/MAX Premier Realty
Laurie Johnson – Bullock Russell Real Estate Services
Sherrie LeVan – Prime OC Properties, Inc.
Jonathan Leonhardt – Team Laguna Real Estate
Yami Martinez – Altamar Real Estate
Larry Paul – C2/Thrive Financial Lawrence D. Paul, Broker
Joyce Purvis – Coldwell Banker Mission Viejo
Hanz Radlein – Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Mary Rampone – Regency Real Estate Brokers
Tamara Romano – Home Point Financial
Jessica Siguenza – Finance of America Mortgage
Kevin Smith – First Team Real Estate
Lynne Suzanski – Coast to Canyon Real Estate
Tina Vo – Realty One Group Inc.
Lisa Yi – NextHome Coastal 

Dave Stefanides, CEO of Orange County REALTORS© is delighted that many of the graduates have already demonstrated their willingness to serve the Real Estate industry, and their communities in a leadership role. 

Local and national instructors lead the monthly training programs. The 2018-2019 Leadership Academy is now accepting applications. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. July 16, 2018. For more information, visit

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Orange County REALTORS® is excited to announce a partnership with OC Fair to offer discounted tickets for members to purchase. Tickets will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, May 1 at both OC REALTORS® locations for only $10 each (regularly $12-14). 

The partnership comes from an ongoing search to provide valuable discounts for members. Benefits Coordinator, Alyssa Corsini-Wilson has spearheaded the search for discounts and benefits throughout Southern California. "We are constantly looking for benefits to provide to our members. The OC Fair is such a staple each summer that we thought it would be great to get discounted tickets for our members to share with their family and clients as well!" said Corsini-Wilson. 

In addition to the discounted tickets, OC REALTORS® will have $2 Off Coupon books available at no cost to members. "REALTORS® can use these coupons as a farming tool to invite prospective clients to the OC Fair!" explained Corsini-Wilson. Members may pick up coupon books at either office. Limit 200 coupons per member.

To learn more about the OC Fair, visit their website

To view additional discounts and benefits available to our members, visit the Benefits page.

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Code of Ethics Training - Mandated by NAR

Existing REALTOR® members must complete 2.5 hours of ethics training, meeting specific learning objectives and criteria, within two-year cycles. REALTORS® who have completed the required ethics training within a two-year cycle in one association shall not be required to complete any further ethics training for that same training cycle if the REALTOR® becomes or is a member of another association.

All REALTORS® must complete the Code of Ethics training through NAR by December 31, 2018. Failure to complete training during any cycle will lead to suspension of membership for the January and February immediately following the cycle deadline, with termination of membership starting March 1 after the cycle deadline.

Current Cycle

January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018

Future Cycles

January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020
January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022

Take Online Training

If taking the online training, both the free course or the paid CE course will satisfy the requirement. You will need to have an account to complete either of the online training courses. To create an account, click New User Registration when you sign up.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check to see if I have completed the Code of Ethics requirement?
You can check to see if you have completed the requirement on NAR's website. Log in to Once logged in, click on My Account and then click on Manage Account. Under Other Links, click on View your Education Records (NRDS). If you see one of the Course Numbers below then you have completed the Code of Ethics requirement. If you do not see either Course Number listed then you still need to complete your Code of Ethics training before December 31, 2018.

Course Numbers - New Members:
BPP COEN 20171
BPP COEN 20181 

Course Numbers - Continuing Members:

Do I still need to complete Code of Ethics training if I have Emeritus, Honorary or other Exempt Status from the BRE?
Yes, ALL active REALTOR® members must complete COE by December 31, 2018 EXCEPT Emeritus Members. NAR Emeritus members do not have to complete Code of Ethics training.

I have completed my Code of Ethics training. How do I submit my certificate of completion?
You may submit your certificate to or by fax to 949-586-0382.

What classes will satisfy my Code of Ethics requirement?
The following classes offered by OC REALTORS® will fulfill your Code of Ethics obligation. 

Ethics classes provided by a CalDRE approved provider will also qualify.

View additional FAQs on NAR's website



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Laguna Hills, April 23, 2018 - Over 118 aspiring real estate professionals attended “New REALTOR® Orientation,” a program hosted by the Orange County REALTORS®, one of California’s largest local associations of professional sales agents and related professionals. 

“California requires sales agents to take specified coursework and sit for a licensing exam.  To become a REALTOR®, state-licensed salespersons must adhere to a code of ethics, submit to continuing education requirements, and join the National and State Associations of REALTORS® in addition to joining a local board like Orange County REALTORS®,” explained Chief Executive Officer of Orange County REALTORS®, Dave Stefanides. 

Stefanides went on to say, "In today’s competitive real estate market, new agents need to get up to speed and one of the best ways to do this is by joining a local association of REALTORS® that offers expertise in all areas of practice. OC REALTORS® has a fantastic learning track for new agents called “New REALTOR® Essentials” that includes training on the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA), zipForms®, MLS tools and much more!"

Each New REALTOR® Orientation is facilitated by one or more Orange County REALTORS® members. This session was facilitated by Pam Pedego, REALTOR® and 2018 Chair of the Education Committee, along with fellow REALTORS® and Education Committee members Scott White and Chip McAllister.

When asked why Orientation is so important for new members, Pam Pedego said, "It's a kick start for your career. It's a great opportunity to network with other REALTORS® and understand that we are all on the same team. Team REALTOR®!"

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Orange County REALTORS® hosts seven weekly marketing meetings throughout Orange County for members to promote their listings and network. Recently our Huntington Beach meeting, led by facilitator Lori Jones with Central Escrow Group, raised money for a great cause. 

“At our annual review to discuss the Preview Meeting, our group voted on numerous non-profits in our community [to contribute to] and decided to choose the HB Tree Society,” said Lori Jones. The interest to contribute to the Huntington Beach Tree Society was sparked by past president and current REALTOR® member of Orange County REALTORS®, Barbara Delgleize.  Jones went on to explain that “Barbara was very informative in regards to the Society and explained what they do for our town and it received the most votes at the time so we agreed to donate $2,000 to them.” 

The Huntington Beach Tree Society was contacted and gladly accepted their donation of $2,000. Jean Nagy, president of The Huntington Beach Tree Society wrote in a letter to Lori Jones that the “money will be used to purchase more trees and drought tolerant plants for the parks of Huntington Beach.” Along with the thank you letter was a tree house which will be hung at the Meadowlark Golf Club where the meetings are held each week. 

When asked what organization would be next up for donations, Jones said “We are now raising money for the Huntington Beach Council on Aging.”

To learn more about Orange County REALTORS® weekly marketing meetings, visit the webpage.

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Orange County REALTORS® is excited to announce yet another free member benefit - Remine! Remine is a powerful tool combining visualization of in-depth property data with predictive analytics. CRMLS users can make the most of Remine’s billions of property records, map visualizations, and tracking features – at no additional cost.

Comprehensive records
Learn about ownership time, loan amounts, owner status, zoning, permits, neighbors, Airbnb, tax, schools, and more on properties in your MLS.

Visualize your opportunities
Use Remine to see a wide variety of data on MLS properties on an intuitive map, connecting properties with billions of data points to help you learn who might sell next.

Mold your MLS experience
Learn more about specific properties and neighborhoods, or map search with your own parameters – find your own way to make Remine data work for you.

Integrated with CRMLS
CRMLS and Remine have partnered up to offer CRMLS users a seamless experience at no additional cost. Want to get even more in-depth? Premium plans are also available.

Sign up for a training webinar with CRMLS!



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Orange County REALTORS® is dedicated to providing members with valuable market data to utilize in the business. In order to provide a quick glance at the housing market, an OC Market Snapshot for both detached and attached homes will be posted online each month. Members can use these graphics for marketing materials and listing presentations. Be sure to also review the Monthly Housing Summary for a more comprehensive look at the County. For a detailed look at over 180 neighborhoods throughout Orange County, use OC FastStats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_March2018_detached.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_OC_Market_Snapshots_March2018_attachedx.png

The average of days on market for detached homes was 38 days. That is a drop from last year when it was 54 days. Attached homes sold in an average of 32 days compared to 46 days in March of last year.

The median sales prices in March for detached was $825,000 which is up 7.8% from 2017. Attached homes rose 6.5% to a median sales price of $506,000 from $475,000 last year.

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Orange County REALTORS® Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Act

Leaders from Orange County REALTORS® will join REALTORS® across the country to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, one of our country’s most significant laws guiding the real estate industry today.

“As we celebrate Fair Housing Month in April, it’s particularly important this year as we are also commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act,” said Tammy Newland-Shishido, 2018 President of Orange County REALTORS®. “Fair housing makes us stronger, and as REALTORS®, we embrace our role being at the forefront of advancing fair housing and making a commitment to address fair housing issues,” said Newland-Shishido.

All year long, members of Orange County REALTORS®, will lead efforts to raise awareness of fair housing issues by reaffirming their commitment to uphold fair housing laws and offering equal professional service to all in their search for real property.

“The passage of the Fair Housing act represents a huge step toward ensuring that all Americans have a chance to live where they choose, but there’s still much for REALTORS® and others in the real estate community to do,” said Newland-Shishido.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act into law on April 11, 1968, noting that the right to fair housing “is now a part of the American way of life.” The legislation now prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, and national origin. 


To learn more about the Fair Housing Act’s 50th Anniversary, visit C.A.R.’s website.

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