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Open House Safety

We care about your safety while you are out showing properties.  Here are 10 ways to stay safe: 

1.  Always carry your cell phone where it is readily accessible. Do not leave it in the purse you locked in the trunk of your car or stowed out of sight in a kitchen cabinet.

2.  Be aware of your surroundings. Preview property before you show it. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the property, including all entrances and exits, and with the neighborhood.

3.  Be careful how you dress. Flashy or expensive jewelry may attract the wrong kind of attention.

4.  Implement a buddy system. Enlist at least five close friends or colleagues on whom you can rely in case of an emergency. Tell them in advance what property you will be showing and trust that they will have your back.

5.  Ask prospective clients to meet you at your office. Before you take clients to see a property, get a license plate number and leave it at the front desk. Explain to your clients that doing so is office policy; a client who means no harm won’t mind.

6.  Always take your own car for showings. When you leave your car, lock it.

7.  When showing a property, let potential buyers take the lead while you follow. If there are features you want to call to their attention, do so from the rear, not the front. 

8.  Avoid going into the basement, walk-in closets, or other closed or confined areas with a prospect. Be familiar with all entrances and exits.  

9. Never advertise a property as vacant or show one alone at night. To do so is to invite trouble.

10. Don't host an open house alone; take along a colleague. And suggest to home owners that they take breakables off tabletops and stow valuables in safe places, well out of sight. 


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