Drafting Findings of Fact

Mandatory Training for REALTORS® interested in serving on Professional Standards Committee Hearing Panels and Directors. This course teaches members how to draft the facts supporting a disciplinary hearing’s panel decision. Well-written findings will provide a clear picture of what happened and will explain the reasoning behind the Hearing panel’s recommendations. As each matter is different, it is imperative that each finding is composed properly and in a manner that allows the Board of Directors to ratify, modify or rule upon a Request for Review. It should also be written well enough to stand on its own merits if challenged in court.

This inter-active course will explain::

  • Purpose of drafting Findings of Fact
  • Proper use of form D-11
  • Use of brief, chronological and succinct statements
  • Drafting findings when no violation exists
  • When to consult with Association Counsel

What to expect:

  • It is an interactive four-hour workshop (lunch is included).
  • Attendees are divided into groups and must draft Findings of Fact for hypothetical cases with the guidance of the checklists and templates in a Findings of Fact Drafting Guide.
  • The Findings of Fact, drafted by the attendees, are read aloud and discussed.

Instructor:Brian Polinsky, California Association of REALTORS Staff Attorney