Gadgetry: Say “Goodbye” to Batteries with a Bedol Water Clock

By Albert Ornelas

While I was researching devices to feature in my Gadgetry column for the annual green issue of OC REALTOR®, one product I found frequently on top-ten lists was the Bedol Water Clock. This clock—which at first appears to be nothing more than an LED faceplate in a plastic shell—provides an eco-friendly, foolproof, and fun way to keep track of time while decreasing your carbon footprint.

A desire to conserve energy and to avoid cluttering the environment with disposable batteries inspired designer Mark Bedol, founder of Bedol International Group, in Claremont, California, to create this unique line of clocks as convenient accessories for home, office, or travel. These clocks keep perfect time without using either batteries or externally generated electricity.

Inside the clock’s semi-transparent water reservoir are metallic plates that convert ions in the water into an electric current that powers the clock. You can fill the reservoir with regular tap water and need replace the water only two or three times a year. The clock is equipped with a built-in memory chip that keeps track of the time so that the clock does not need to be reset.

The design of these clocks was inspired by water. For example, the original clock is shaped like a drop of water. The Squirt Bedol Water Clock looks like a droplet. The Bedol Water Smiley Alarm Clock resembles the way a water drop looks when it splashes against the ground. These clocks are available in six modern designs and in a variety of colors, including red, orange, green, blue, purple, and charcoal.

Bedol Water Clocks range in price from about $10.00 to $40.00, depending on the design and size you select. To learn more about Bedol Water Clocks and to see all the colors, models, and choices that are available, visit