The Bases Are Loaded with Your Benefits

Orange County REALTORS® has the perfect lineup of tools to help you get acquainted with tenants, gather real estate statistics, capture leads, create websites, send follow-up emails, prepare disclosure forms, and more.

By Marissa Hughes

In baseball, having the right people on your team—from athletes and coaches in the dugout to fans in the stands—can make the difference between going to the World Series and going home to wait until next year. Similarly, in real estate, you need the right resources in your hands and the right people on your team. Orange County REALTORS® provides its members with the resources they need to take their business to the next level.

A REALTOR® must cover several positions, from capturing leads, creating attractive and effective collateral, gathering analytics, and getting documents in order to collecting testimonials from clients. Sound overwhelming? Well, don’t worry! Orange County REALTORS® has recruited the perfect lineup of tools to help you become an all-star REALTOR®. Batter up! It’s time to step up to the plate and load the bases with your OC REALTORS® member benefits!

  1. RentSpree. In the world of property management, it’s crucial to know your tenants! Let RentSpree help you get to know prospective tenants with screening services provided to you at no cost. RentSpree allows you to receive quickly and easily a comprehensive application package for each applicant, including credit report and scores, criminal background checks, fiftystate eviction history, and a completed rental application with tenant identity verification. Learn more at
  2. Remine. In baseball, stats from batting averages and runs batted in to the number of bases stolen and errors made provide an overview of an individual game and of the entire season. Remine is like that, but for real estate! This platform provides you with a wealth of real estate data. Remine is a powerful tool that combines in-depth property data with predictive analytics which can be utilized for lead generation. California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) users can make the most of Remine’s billions of property records, map visualization, and tracking features at no additional charge. Learn more at
  3. Elevated Network. Teamwork makes the dream work. REALTORS® must cover all the bases to meet their client’s expectations. Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Instead, hire a real-life marketing assistant. “Ema,” your Elevated Marketing Assistant, can help with many tedious tasks, such as creating websites and flyers, capturing leads, sending follow-up emails, sending out birthday and anniversary texts, and much more. You can hire “Ema” for only $59 per month (regularly $99/month) at
  4. Glide Forms. Glide into home plate with the ease of Glide Forms! Glide Forms is a platform that allows buyers and sellers to complete required disclosure documents, such as the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS), Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ), and the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID), online. Glide Forms replaces today’s dense PDF and paper forms with an easy-to-use online wizard experience that offers several benefits to agents and clients. Get started by registering at