Make a New Year’s Resolution to Avoid MLS Violations

By Dale Farnum

According to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), 85 to 90 percent of all Multiple Listing Service (MLS) violations involve (1) late entry of listing, (2) inaccurate information or unauthorized use of someone else’s original material, (3) no listing photo, (4) misuse of public remarks, or (5) inaccurate status. Make a New Year’s Resolution to avoid these violations.

  1. Input all new listings to the MLS within two business days after obtaining a valid listing agreement or within two business days of the effective date of the listing agreement, whichever date is later, or submit a seller-signed exclusion to the MLS within the same time frame (Rule 7.8).
  2. Avoid using Photographs or Virtual Tours containing branding or promotional information related to the listing broker or agent. Also, if the photo or video supplied is from a third party, such as a photographer or videographer, obtain written authorization for its use before submitting it to the MLS.
  3. Upload at least one photo of the exterior of any listed structure within five calendar days of entering the listing into the MLS (Rule 11.5).
  4. Use public remarks only to relate to the marketing, description, and condition of the property. Do not include contact information or showing instructions. And do not advertise open house hours, describe the property as “vacant,” or reveal codes, combinations, and passwords (Rule 12.5).
  5. To ensure that the listing status is accurate, make any necessary changes from Active to Backup, Pending, or Sold within two business days. Also, update Closed listings manually within two business days of closing to avoid an Auto Sell violation (Rules 8.3 and 10.2).

To view the revised the MLS Rules and Regulations and the Citation Policy in their entirety or to download copies for reference, go to