Ventura County Regional Data Share (VCRDS)

Reciprocal Listings:

CRMLS Subscribers do not have to submit reciprocal listing inputs for properties to be placed on VCRDS because of a data sharing agreement-- simply enter your listing in Matrix.

MLS Access:

Agents have access to VCRDS listings through the CRMLS.

Supra Key Information:

Your Supra key and keybox will work in this area - no additional programming is necessary.

To view area listings in the native VCRDS platform

(please note, VCRDS listings are already displayed in the CRMLS Matrix platform):

  • Log into Matrix
  • Click the "Help" tab from the top menu.
  • Click on the "Reciprocal Passwords" link from the left-hand sidebar to obtain the username and password for guest access.
  • Go to: VCRDS Website and log in with your guest credentials.

Ventura County Regional Data Share:

Visit Website

Looking for a different MLS?

Match an MLS to a city through the drop-down menu below; this menu will help you find reciprocal information (if needed), key, and keybox instructions for that city.