Twelve-Month Payment Plan—Our Most Affordable Dues-Payment Option

This option is available to primary REALTORS® who are paying all REALTOR® dues and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) fees at Orange County REALTORS®.

Enroll by August 10, 2018, in our automatic monthly payment plan for your 2019 Orange County REALTORS® dues and MLS fees.

The twelve-month payment cycle for your 2019 dues starts on August 10, 2018, and ends on July 10, 2019. The monthly payment amount of $92.55 for REALTORS® includes a $5.00 nonrefundable convenience fee. Payments made from August to December are pre-payments and are refundable if you cancel your membership before January 10, 2019; however, the $5.00 monthly convenience fee is not refundable.

New enrollees may sign up

  • Online by going to My Account via and clicking on the link from the menu to access the enrollment form
  • Online by going to to download the enrollment form
  • In person at one of our two convenient office locations in either Fountain Valley or Laguna Hills

If you already are enrolled in our monthly payment plan, no action is required unless you need to update or change the credit card on file. Please use the enrollment form to notify us of the change.

The annual REALTOR® dues may change.
National Association of REALTORS®, California Association of REALTORS®, and Orange County REALTORS® dues and MLS fees for 2019 will be determined by November 2018. Once that determination has been made, the monthly payment may be changed slightly (up or down) in January to reflect the new total dues amount to be collected by July 10, 2019. If you have signed up for the monthly payment plan, you will be notified in December regarding the amount of the monthly deduction starting in January 2019.