Stalking Is Not Prospecting

Leigh Brown
By Leigh Brown

Social media means interaction, engagement, conversation, banter, point/counterpoint. Clicking ‘like’ on Facebook or ‘thumbs up’ on LinkedIn is not any of those things.

I love my REALTOR® family. I seriously do. But somehow y’all got sideways on how social media is supposed to work.
It’s supposed to be social, which means interaction, engagement, conversation, banter, point/counterpoint.

Clicking ‘like’ on Facebook or ‘thumbs up’ on LinkedIn is not any of those things. I know it feels like it is. You think they know when you did or did not notice—and some folks do—but it’s not enough to create that top-of-mind awareness that’s critical to long-term success in relationship building.

Instead, how about thinking of ways to use social media to create deeper engagement than you had, even before Google and the Internet changed the game for all of us.

Take a look at the “About” page on Facebook of your clients and prospects. Notice where they went to school. Does that create any kind of connection (and by that, I mean a real connection, not some fabricated mess about what you heard about their school)? How about their kids and partners. Are they the same age as yours? Where have they been on vacation? Have you taken a similar trip? In essence, find out what you have in common that is more than houses.

One of my favorite ways to connect with folks is sending cards. You know, the things you used to shop for at Hallmark and then put a stamp on to mail? You still can!

When someone has an event worth celebrating, like a child who just reached the diving championships, send a card and include a two-dollar bill for a surprise. The reaction is huge because humans love to be remembered, paid attention to, noticed. I get the two-dollar bills at the bank in a bundle, never circulated, so they are super fresh and crisp. Many kids have no experience with cash, so it’s alien to them and, thus, special.

Or perhaps one of your connections has experienced a loss. Don’t click ‘like’ on a death notice. Please. Don’t. How about, instead, sending a sympathy card? Spend the time on other humans. Increase humanity and connection. It’s not just the key to building a successful business; it’s the key to creating a successful life.

Use news articles on LinkedIn to congratulate your connections on their promotions and advancements. Not by clicking ‘thumbs up’ but, instead, try printing the article, writing a personal note on it, and mailing a copy to the honoree. Again, spend the time on the person. We’re talking a few minutes, a few pennies, to make someone else feel like a million bucks.

The least we can do is often more than expected. Be #MoreThanHouses, and the returns will honor them and amaze you.

Leigh BrownLeigh Brown started her own RE/MAX franchise in 2003 and quickly rose to the top of her game. Eight years later, she received the prestigious RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement award. The members of her top-producing team excel at what they do and, in 2014 and 2015, were named to the Top 200 list of Real Estate Teams by the Wall Street Journal/Real Trends and also to the list of RE/MAX Top 100 Worldwide.