Putting the Focus on Leadership

Craig Borner
By Craig Borner
2017 OCR President

At OCAR, we are choosing leaders for today, developing leaders for tomorrow, and exercising leadership by speaking out about the issues that affect our clients, our industry, and our community.

Leadership is a twofold task. It is solving the problems of today while creating and implementing a vision for tomorrow. It requires both looking down in front and looking out ahead. At the Orange County Association of REALTORS® (OCAR), we are putting the focus on leadership. We are carefully choosing leaders for today while developing leaders for tomorrow. We are also exercising leadership by speaking out about the issues that affect our clients, our industry, and our community.

Board of Directors Election
During May, OCAR held an election to choose candidates to fill five three-year positions on the 2018–2020 OCAR Board of Directors. A genuine thank you to all nine candidates who expressed their willingness to serve our Association by running for positions on its Board, and congratulations to the newly elected Directors: Matt Clements, Danielle Corliss, Dorinda Francois, Bob Hartman, and Tim Hayden. These new Directors are profiled on pages 32–35 in this issue of OC REALTOR®.

Leadership Academy
Last September, OCAR launched its inaugural Leadership Academy. The purpose of the Academy was to give participants the confidence to embrace leadership roles both in the real estate industry and in the wider community. Toward this end, Academy participants learned Robert’s Rules of Order, attended a meeting of the OCAR Board of Directors, watched Directors lead OCAR committee meetings, sat through classes on subjects ranging from social media to ethics, and traveled to Sacramento for Legislative Day.

Congratulations to the twenty graduates of the 2016–17 Leadership Academy, whose names are listed on page 25 in this issue of OC REALTOR®. Two of these graduates—Danielle Corliss and Dorinda Francois—are among our five recently elected Directors.

PACE Financing Programs
Leadership involves studying issues, lobbying elected officials, and publicly expressing opinions on the issues that most affect home ownership and the real estate industry.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing circumvents the traditional loan-and-refinance process to fund energy efficient upgrades to homes and businesses through property tax assessments. Because PACE liens are attached to the property itself rather than to the property owner, these loans can make it impossible for an owner to refinance or to obtain a second mortgage and can obstruct transfer of the property from one owner to another. In this way, PACE financing can diminish equity and put the American Dream of home ownership at risk.

The Orange County Association of REALTORS® believes that PACE financing should be subject to the same regulations and oversight as other financing alternatives and that consumers should be protected by adequate upfront disclosure of interest rates, loan costs, and associated fees. We expressed this belief in an opinion piece that was published in the Orange County Register on May 26 and has been reprinted on page 22 in this issue of OC REALTOR®.

Zillow Group’s “Instant Offers” Pilot Program
An emailed monthly message from C.A.R. President Geoff McIntosh has made us aware of Zillow Group’s “Instant Offers” pilot program for home sellers where, with or without an agent, home owners can entertain instant offers and sell their homes quickly (see page 12 in this issue of OC REALTOR®). Many view this program as a first step toward excluding the REALTOR® from the transaction.

The challenge of possible disintermediation is an opportunity for REALTORS® to exhibit leadership by once again reminding their clients about the value of having an experienced and trusted advisor during what is, for most home buyers, the most expensive and complicated purchase they ever undertake and by strongly opposing any effort that would bypass REALTORS® and leave consumers to navigate the oftenchoppy waters of a real estate transaction alone.

As the seasons change, I hope that summer proves to be a time of recreation, inspiration, and renewal for you, your family, and your business. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call me, text me, or email me at 949-291-7250 or Your input is important, and I promise a quick (and personal) response.