Listing Information

When taking a listing or showing a property out of the area, you usually have two questions:

  1. Which MLS is it in?
  2. Will my key work in that area?

This page is designed to answer those questions for OCAR agents and to assist those agents who have access to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS)—the largest MLS in the nation.

Match an MLS to a city through the drop-down menu below; this menu will help you find reciprocal information (if needed), key, and keybox instructions for that city.

OCAR Agents

There is a $30 fee for all listings entered by your OCAR MLS Department.

Non-CRMLS Agents

Below you will find the Listing Input forms to reciprocate your listing to our MLS. Please contact OCAR's MLS Department at (949) 586-6800 if you have any questions.