Introducing OCR’s Five Newly Elected Directors

The ballots have been cast and counted, and five REALTORS® have been elected to serve as members of the 2018–2020 OCR Board of Directors.

By Sherri Butterfield

Beginning on Tuesday, May 9, and concluding on Tuesday, May 23, REALTOR® members of the Orange County REALTORS® (OCR) voted to choose five from among nine candidates to fill three-year positions on the 2018–2020 OCR Board of Directors.

The nine candidates (in alphabetical order by last name) were Cheryl Carrera, Matt Clements, Danielle Corliss, Dorinda Francois, Brian Genovese, Bob Hartman, Tim Hayden, Debbie Krumboltz, and Lacy Robertson. Their photos, statements, and bullet-point résumés appeared on pages 25–27 in the May/June issue of OC REALTOR®.

Elected to serve were Matt Clements, Danielle Corliss, Dorinda Francois, Bob Hartman, and Tim Hayden.

Matt Clements

For eight years, Matt Clements was a professional surfer. When that career ended, he decided to enter the family business—real estate—and has been a REALTOR® for thirteen years. He explains that he has four generations of REALTORS® behind him and that his Grandpa Jack was a REALTOR® for fifty-three years, a Director for twenty-five years, and served as President of his Association.

Although Matt enjoys being an entrepreneur, he finds it very hard to put his business down when he goes home to OCR Affiliate Jessica Siguenza and their infant son, Noah James Clements. “The toughest part,” he says, “is wanting to do more all the time, but forcing myself to have balance.”

Matt teaches a class for new REALTORS® in which he tells them, “If you list, you will last.” He adds, “Wake up, dress up, and show up every day. Smile a lot. Become genuinely interested in other people. It’s not about you; it’s about them. Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Learn how to play offense. Always practice before the big game. And make sure to ‘see the people.’ ”

As an OCR Director, Matt plans to champion a single Multiple Listing Service for the entire state of California. He would like to see a single large database for all offers that would track receipt and return, ensure accountability for listing agents, and enforce timeliness. And his goal is to be OCR President in 2019.

Danielle Corliss

Danielle Corliss has been a REALTOR® for twenty years. She says that her last “real job” was to open a sales office covering the western half of the United States for a large insurance company. Although at first Danielle viewed this position as her “dream job,” once she had outlined the work flow, established the procedures, built the team, and made the office a success, she realized that she had done what she had been hired to do and that there was no place else to go with that company.

So Danielle decided to try something completely different—real estate. At first, she and her husband Jim worked for large brokerages; but in 2006, they opened Corliss Realty because they wanted to work as a team, to put their collective experience into practice, and to customize the service they provide to their clients. For Danielle, the move from managing an insurance office to working in real estate has been satisfying.

“As a REALTOR®,” says Danielle, “I guide buyers and sellers through the largest transaction they will ever make. That responsibility intrigues me and challenges me to do the best job that I possibly can for them.” She adds that she loves to learn about real estate and how to be better in this field, she enjoys mentoring new agents, and she likes owning her own brokerage and working with her husband.

For three years, Danielle has chaired OCR’s Independent Broker Advisory Committee. She explains that independent brokers—those who have fewer than one hundred agents and are not franchised—make up almost 70 percent of OCR’s membership but are not represented proportionately on the OCR Board of Directors. “As a Director,” says Danielle, “I am in a better position to ensure that independent agents don’t get lost in the shuffle.”

Dorinda Francois

Dorinda Francois first decided to go into real estate some thirty years ago but did not pursue education and licensing until 2012. She explains that, although many things happened to her between the time she started her pre-med/pre-law journey and the time she became a REALTOR®, “being involved, engaged, and part of the housing solution was always important to me, particularly because good, safe housing relates to great communities.”

Now that Dorinda is a licensed member of the real estate community, she likes most “being a catalyst for positive change” in people’s lives, in the community at large, in the attitude or mindset of the people she works with, and in government. She likes least the amount of time required to work and serve effectively. “I had no idea how much time this business would require,” she confesses, “and, in many instances, with a delayed return on the investment.”

The challenges with beginning a new career in real estate, says Dorinda, are the overwhelming amount of information that is available and the lack of a uniform, standardized training program to help agents acquire this information in a systematic way. While doing the self-development a successful real estate career requires, Dorinda says she sometimes feels as if she is “trying to take a drink from a fire hose.” Although Dorinda has found Orange County REALTORS® to be “a phenomenal organization,” she sees that there is a lot of work to be done at the local, state, and national levels to promote—and require— more professionalism in the industry.

Dorinda is married to the man she terms “the love of my life.” She and her husband have seven adult children and two grandsons. They are empty nesters, which has made Dorinda’s transition to a new career much easier. Remarks Dorinda, “Timing is everything—at least in my world.” For a change of pace, Dorinda enjoys reading and playing the flute. She also runs marathons and has been helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society raise money for cancer research and a cure since 1997.

Bob Hartman

Bob Hartman has been a REALTOR® for twentytwo years. During that time, in addition to Orange County REALTORS®, he has been also affiliated with the Scottsdale Board of REALTORS® and with the Laguna Board of REALTORS®. From 2002 to 2013, he was a Director of the Laguna Board of REALTORS®, and in 2010 he served that Association as its President. Since 2009, Bob has been a Director of the California Association of REALTORS®.

Bob’s entry into real estate came about somewhat unexpectedly. He had been vice president of sales and marketing for a large company and was owed money for bonuses and sales awards. One day, a large contingent of federal officers entered the company’s offices and shut down its operations because it had not been paying its payroll taxes. Out of a job, Bob entered real estate because he wanted to control his own success.

Bob’s advice to real estate agents who are just starting out in the business is fourfold: (1) go with a reputable office, (2) get good training, (3) work with a successful agent/broker for one to three years and learn, and (4) farm an area in which you live or with which you are familiar. “Starting out, you have to put in some grunt work,” he adds. “As you become more successful, the leads and clients will come to you.”

A founding member of the OCAR Cares Foundation, Bob would like to see the Foundation become even more financially successful so that it is able not only to help OCR REALTOR®, Affiliate, and Management Team members in need but also to contribute to the work of other charitable organizations in Orange County.

Tim Hayden

In 1996, Tim Hayden went through a companywide layoff and, as part of that, received a one-year severance package. He decided to make a career change and so earned his insurance, stock broker, and real estate certifications and licenses.

After trying all three professions, Tim knew that the one he had the most passion for was real estate. He likes the independence, the freedom, the people, and his fellow REALTORS®; however, he dislikes the lack of structure.

Tim has been a REALTOR® for twenty years and a broker for ten years. His advice to young people who are evaluating their career options or to REALTORS® who are just starting out in this business would be, “Focus on doing what is right, and everything else will fall in place.”

When Tim is not practicing real estate, he enjoys scuba diving, driving his car (fast), being with his family, and traveling.