Four Occasions When Video Says It Better

Steve Pacinelli
By Steve Pacinelli
CMO, BombBomb

With text, the message can be easily misread or misunderstood, or the intention or meaning can be misconstrued. With video, there’s no mistaking your meaning.

It’s really this simple: humans connect and communicate best when we’re face to face. That’s why real estate is considered a belly-to-belly business.

It’s also this simple: you’re more persuasive and effective when you’re in person. That’s why all your lead follow-up and nurturing drives to an in-person appointment.

But time and distance keep you apart from prospects, clients, and other people every day. So, instead, you’re confined to channels of communication, like emails, text messages, and phone calls that are short on clarity, personality, and differentiation.

Simple video messages can change that dynamic and help you win more opportunities every day. The challenge, though, is identifying those opportunities as they arise, so that you can take advantage of them.

Here are four times in your day to day or week to week in which a video message—which is like being there in person when you can’t be there in person—says it better than the plain, typed-out text you often rely on to communicate some of your most important and valuable messages.

1. Cold Prospecting, First Introduction

It’s much harder for a prospect to say no to or to delete your smiling face than it is to reject text on a screen. So put your face to your name. Reach out in a more personal way earlier in the sales cycle and expect more replies and responses.
Some lead response videos can be automated, but they’re especially effective when you make the video personal. And the tracking tells you when to follow up with a call.

  • Reach out to introduce yourself to a sales lead.
  • Reach out to introduce yourself to a target recruit.
  • Include the purpose of the send in a clear, simple way.

2. Checking In (with Responsive or Nonresponsive Leads)

You’re more persuasive in person. Most lead conversion steps (phone calls, emails, and text messages) don’t have the desired outcome of an in-person meeting. Get face to face earlier with a simple video. Run through your open opportunities—those responsive and nonresponsive leads you’ve not yet converted—to check in and to stay top of mind.

3. Emotionally Charged Message, Bearing Bad News

We’ve all seen the “sorry/not sorry” apology in a politician’s, a celebrity’s, or an athlete’s press conference. We know sincerity and insincerity when we see them. We know when a message is heartfelt—and when it’s empty and self-serving.
With text? It’s up to the reader. It’s easy to be misread or misunderstood, to have our intention or meaning misconstrued. The written word doesn’t carry the same empathy or care that eye-to-eye, face-to-face communication does.

With video, there’s no mistaking your meaning.

  • Reach out with an apology
  • Reach out with bad news or a bad outcome

They’ll know you mean it and appreciate your sincerity. It builds trust and confidence. But if you’re not sincere, don’t send a video. They’ll see through you. While I have recommended video as the way to communicate an apology or bad news, its works for good news, too!

4. Thank You

“Thank you” is one of the easiest and highest value video touches to make. You can express gratitude and make a much more meaningful touch with video. Sincerity and gratitude are hard to capture in plain, typed-out text. And doesn’t every email end with “Thanks” or “Thank you”? Its ubiquity takes away its impact and meaning, but video brings it all back in full.

  • Thanks for your time on the phone today.
  • Thank you for meeting with me.
  • Thanks for registering on my website.
  • Thanks for your inquiry. Here are the answers.
  • Thank you for doing me a favor.
  • Thank you for referring me.
  • Thank you for connecting on social media.

And anything else for which you’re grateful.

  • Saving time.
  • Communicating more clearly.
  • Connecting more effectively.

Video is the next best thing to being there in person.

If you need more ideas about how to use simple webcam and smartphone videos to win more opportunities in your real estate business, visit or We help you get face to face earlier and more often in the sales process and track all the interactions with your messages.

Steve PacinelliSteve Pacinelli co-founded Tech Savvy Agent and is now the chief marketing officer for BombBomb. During the past fifteen years, he has made more than one thousand presentations about the benefits of sales automation and online marketing to REALTORS® in North America. His cutting-edge information is delivered in a style that makes it easy to understand, internalize, and apply.