Cover Story: The Vote Is In

By Sherri Butterfield

The ballots have been cast and counted, and five REALTORS® have been elected to serve as members of the 2019–2021 Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 8, and concluding on Tuesday, May 22, REALTOR® members of Orange County REALTORS® voted to choose five from among nine candidates to fill three-year positions on the 2019–2021 OC REALTORS® Board of Directors. The nine candidates (in alphabetical order by last name) were Olesya Drozdova, Brian Genovese, Julie Hile, Spencer Hoo, Jeffrey Jackson, Liz Lewis, Lacy Robertson, Adam Rodell, and Lisa Yi. Their photos, candidate statements, and bullet-point résumés appeared on pages 27–29 in the May/June issue of OC REALTOR®. Elected to serve were Julie Hile, Jeffrey Jackson, Liz Lewis, Lacy Robertson, and Adam Rodell.


A JACKSON native Californian, Julie Hile grew up in Orange County. At the age of fifteen, she started her first job as a weekend secretary for Lingo Real Estate in Laguna Beach and, as she describes it, was soon “hooked on housing.” She obtained her real estate license in 1988 and a broker’s license in 1992 and has amassed considerable experience in the corporate relocation aspect of the industry.

Uniquely able to see things with a fresh eye and to know when and how to make improvements, Julie formed the Superior Advertising Group, where she brought an unconventional perspective to both advertising and marketing. And for a while, she held teaching positions in which she trained agents in several states.

Currently, Julie serves on several OC REALTORS® committees, including the Leadership Development Committee, which she chairs. Her favorite place to unwind is the Napa Valley, where she and her husband married, and you can often find her on local trials walking her two “fur babies,” a dachshund and a spaniel mix.

“I do housing,” Julie says, but those who know her best say that she does a whole lot more—and with tenacity, skill, and compassion. She sought a position on the Board of Directors “for the good of our Association while our industry continues to adjust” and to ensure that Association members receive the best possible service.


Long interested in politics, government, and the law, Jeffrey Jackson earned first a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University in Bloomington, and then a Juris Doctor from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. He was admitted to the Indiana State Bar and, this past June, received a Master of Business Administration from Washington State University.

In 2014, Jeffrey joined Orange County REALTORS®. He currently chairs the Political Affairs and Elections Committee (PAEC) and is a PAEC trustee for the cities of Laguna Woods and Lake Forest. He also serves on the Multiple Listing Service and Professional Standards Committees. Since 2016, Jeffrey has been a State Director and has been a member of the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Public Policy and Local Government Forums and of the Legislative and Multiple Listing Service Committees.

Jeffrey sought election to the Board of Directors as a way of giving REALTORS® “a voice that speaks for them and an ear that listens to their concerns” about the state of the industry, their earning ability, and the direction real estate may go in the future. As a member of the Board, he promises to “focus on REALTOR® education, continue community and government outreach programs, and implement additional programs and benefits for members” while bringing “a new voice to the Board.”


In 2006, after working for almost twenty years as a litigation paralegal, Liz Lewis earned her real estate license. Shortly thereafter, she established her own business model, which included not only residential and commercial sales and leasing but also working independently as a real estate paralegal and mediation administrator.

About this same time, Liz became active with the local chapter of Women’s Council of REALTORS®, which started her on a path of service to the real estate profession. After gaining leadership experience with the Women’s Council at the local, state, and national levels, Liz began volunteering with Orange County REALTORS®, initially as a member of the Marketing Committee in 2014.

Since that time, Liz has served on or chaired numerous committees, including the Members Benefits and Leadership Development Committees. In 2017, she was a member of the first graduating class of the Orange County REALTORS® Leadership Academy and declares that her participation in the Academy was “one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a real estate professional.”

Liz, who was appointed by Orange County REALTORS® as a 2018 State Director, says that her goal is “to contribute in whatever way I can” and pledges that she will use the leadership skills and education she has gained “to grow the Association and give back to its members.”


A licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, Lacy Robertson has fourteen years of mortgage and real estate experience and is no stranger to setting and achieving big goals. As a member of the inaugural class of the Orange County REALTORS® Leadership Academy, she has been at the forefront of Association advocacy efforts and is currently serving as vice chair of the Orange County REALTORS® Local Government Relations South Committee.

Lacy has long believed that the real estate industry is “plagued by products that have little value, services that serve only their providers and not the client, and policies that circumvent legislation intended to protect our customers and us.”

In a calm voice she has spoken out against the predatory lending practices that have endangered home ownership for the most vulnerable members of our population, and she has spoken up for affordable home ownership and the protection of homeowners’ property rights.

As a member of the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors, Lacy promises to confront potential problems immediately, confidently, and decisively. She has the drive needed to bring constructive change, and she seeks to add value and to protect the interests of the real estate industry by expressing her opinions with quiet, unwavering conviction.


Adam Rodell, who became a licensed REALTOR® in 1998, has been a Director of both the California Association of REALTORS® and Orange County REALTORS® since 2016. He has been a member of the OC REALTORS® Finance Committee since 2014 and has served the Association as its treasurer in both 2017 and 2018.

Of being a REALTOR®, Adam says, “I know how hard we work and how much we care about our clients’ best interests. I know the challenges we face and how important it is that we are given as much support as possible by our local Association” and specifically mentions education and technology as examples of tools that help REALTORS® serve their clients better.

Speaking both for himself and for other REALTORS®, Rodell says, “Being a REALTOR® is not just our job: it’s a privilege, an opportunity, and a responsibility to give something back.” His recent reelection puts him in a position to join other members of the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors in continuing to do exactly that.