Anonymous Complaints

Anonymous complaints are violations of pdf Code of Ethics (795 KB) and MLS Rules and Regulations that, in essence, prove themselves on the face of the information submitted in the complaint. Since many of these relate to advertising and MLS data, only complaints for violations of Article 12 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics will be reviewed. Potential violations outside of Article 12 should be filed as a grievance, which may not be filed anonymously. In order to file a grievance, please follow this procedure.

The pdf Anonymous Complaint Form (70 KB) can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to Orange County REALTORS®.  To help you complete the form, you may review Article 12 of the pdf Code of Ethics (795 KB) or the MLS Rules and Regulations

In addition to the form, which must contain a thorough explanation as to what about the advertisement or representation is in violation of Article 12, citing Standards of Practice for Article 12 as applicable, you must provide copies of DOCUMENTARY evidence of the alleged violation with all relevant documentation, such as: REALTOR® advertisements, business cards, flyers, or newspaper clippings.

The Ethics/MLS Review Committee may do a limited amount of research, if needed, to verify the complaint. 

If a violation is determined, a letter is sent to the agent and responsible broker. The letter requires a written response, correction of the violation, and action taken to prevent future occurrences. The Subcommittee, at its discretion, may also decide to send the matter to Professional Standards for a disciplinary hearing. Complainants who seek stronger discipline for the respondent should consider filing a grievance instead of an anonymous complaint.