Our work is based on five key principles:
Housing – Providing housing opportunities for all
Ownership – Protecting property owners and encouraging homeownership
Means – Ensuring economic, community, and family vitality
Environment – Preserving our local environment

Member Driven Decisions

All of our policy and election decisions are member driven. You can be a part of this process through one of these committees:

Local Government Relations (North & South) Focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns that pertain to our market area. The Association supports both a North and South Local Governmental Relations Committee. Meets monthly (10 times per year).

Political Affairs and Elections (PAEC) Handles political and election activities on behalf of the Orange County REALTORS® Board of Directors. Makes recommendations to support or oppose candidates for election to city, county, and state offices. Makes recommendations to support or oppose ballot measure and other issue-related campaigns. Conducts fundraising activities for the REALTOR® Action (RAF). Requires knowledge of local government and elections. By application only; Meets monthly (10 times per year).