Our work is based on five key principles:
Housing – Providing housing opportunities for all
Ownership – Protecting property owners and encouraging homeownership
Means – Ensuring economic, community, and family vitality
Environment – Preserving our local environment

Member Driven Decisions

All of our policy and election decisions are member driven. You can be a part of this process through one of these committees:

Local Government Relations (North & South) Focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns that pertain to our market area. The Association supports both a North and South Local Governmental Relations Committee. Meets monthly (10 times per year).

Political Affairs and Elections (PAEC) Handles political and election activities on behalf of the OCAR Board of Directors. Makes recommendations to support or oppose candidates for election to city, county, and state offices. Makes recommendations to support or oppose ballot measure and other issue-related campaigns. Conducts fundraising activities for the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF). Requires knowledge of local government and elections. By application only; Meets monthly (10 times per year).

Contact Tony Capitelli for more information.

Government Affairs Team

Tony Capitelli
Government Affairs Director

Dirissy Doan
Director of Strategic Partners

Connor O'Neill
Government Affairs Administrator