Bylaws & Policies

The Bylaws are the “ground rules” by which the Association is governed – from the duties of its Chief Executive Officer to the responsibilities of the membership. Each year, the Association reviews its Bylaws to assure legal compliance, to include any mandated changes by either the California Association of REALTORS® or National Association of REALTORS® and to update sections as needed.

Orange County REALTORS® Bylaws

It is the policy of the Association that attendees at any event, meeting or other function sponsored, endorsed, sanctioned or promoted by the Association or its affiliates or others wherein the principal invitees are REALTORS®, shall comply with the policy of the Association concerning inappropriate conduct or unwanted touching.

pdf Zero Tolerance Policy for Unwanted Touching and Inappropriate Conduct at Orange County REALTORS® Events, Meetings or Other Sponsored Functions (12 KB)


  pdf Member Complaint Form (59 KB)