9 Reasons to Rely on a REALTOR®

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, relying on a REALTOR® is wise for many reasons. For example,

  1. A REALTOR® will give you upto- the-minute advice about overall market trends, specific market conditions in your area, and the value of an individual home.
  2. REALTORS® have access to a wide array of valuable information, which is shared via specialized apps on smartphones and is available on websites, through multiple listing services, and in a variety of trade publications.
  3. A REALTOR® knows how to market property to attract potential buyers.
  4. Because REALTORS® often specialize in a particular area, they know the territory and can navigate the neighborhood.
  5. A REALTOR® will save you time by screening potential buyers and managing appointments for showings.
  6. A REALTOR® can assist with the critical negotiations that are part of every real estate transaction and help both buyers and sellers finalize the details that must be spelled out in the Purchase Agreement.
  7. A REALTOR® can help you complete the daunting, cumbersome, and often complicated paperwork that is part of any real estate transaction, making certain that all of the necessary forms are filled out correctly and delivered on time.
  8. A REALTOR® can provide objective support during the closing process by ensuring that both buyer and seller have received the proper documentation and by coordinating a final property walk-through.
  9. A REALTOR® can serve as a valuable resource long after the deal has closed.

This list was first published on page 33 in the October 2011 issue of the OC REALTOR®. Some of the statements it contains were excerpted from a document titled “Working with a REALTOR®,” which was published by the California Association of REALTORS® as part of the “California REALTORS®. Champions of Home” advertising campaign created in 2011 by the independent Philadelphia-based agency Red Tettemer + Partners.