360fly 4K and HD Video Cameras

By Albert Ornelas

Are REALTORS® ready to use 360-degree video for virtual home tours? The company 360fly has developed a camera that can give your clients the ability to virtually visit any home.

The company 360fly has developed a camera that simultaneously captures video in all directions, which can give your clients the ability to virtually visit any home. These 360-degree videos can be viewed on social media or on professional websites. The 360fly Video Camera is available in 4K and HD versions, which are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, whether the need is for personal or professional use. In an article for titled “15 Essential Marketing Videos Every Real Estate Agent Should Create,” Jonathan Oldcare lists the following types of videos REALTORS® might want to develop:

  • Referral videosfrom first-time buyers, sellers, or colleagues in the industry.
  • Tips and advice videos,which can provide immediate value to buyers and sellers.
  • Local business review videos,which can acquaint potential home buyers with some of the businesses located in the area.
  • Agent/office promo videos,which provide an opportunity to show what makes your office, your staff, and your culture stand out.
  • “About me”/agent profile videos.People want to work with real people so tell them a little bit about yourself.
  • Neighborhood videos,which are a way to give home buyers a feel for their future neighborhood.
  • How-to videos,which share educational resources and bestow some of your real estate knowhow on complicated home-buying topics.
  • Live-streaming,which takes advantage of one of the hottest trends in video marketing right now, the ability to broadcast or receive live video and audio coverage of an event or presentation over the Internet.

The 360fly video camera can help you live-stream with Facebook or YouTube. Users can live-stream their 360-degree content using the downloadable LIVIT mobile app, giving an audience the action in real time with no editing or uploading required.

And, of course, the virtual tours, in which the 360fly video camera technology captures stitchless 360-degree video, can present properties from floor to ceiling on the inside and a full view of a front or backyard on the outside.

The newer 360fly® 4K camera adds a powerful image sensor that nearly quadruples the resolution of the original 360fly HD camera, producing 2880x2880-pixel, 360-degree 4K video. The 360fly 4K camera boasts 64GB of expanded internal memory. With this increased storage, there’s no need to pause to offload video to your phone or computer.

For clearer visibility and mode recognition, the 360fly 4K camera OnePush™ Button Color-Coding features an enhanced design with color-coded lighting around the OnePush button and the bottom ring of the mounting dock.

The 360fly camera also gives users the ability to film in Front-Facing Cam mode. Users of the 360fly 4K can select “First-Person POV Mode” to record video or capture a photograph in the traditional pointand- shoot style. “POV Mode” records in a 16:9 aspect ratio at 2560x1440- pixel resolution, with a field of view of 178x100 degrees (204 diagonal).

Here at OC REALTORS®, we will be posting 360-degree video of upcoming events on our social media, such as Facebook ( and Vimeo (

As a novice user of the 360fly camera, I thought it might be complicated; but once I had connected it to either my smartphone or my tablet and then downloaded the app, I was ready to go.

My stumbling block was in assuming that the video would be ready to view once I had stopped filming. First, you must save the video in the app on your smartphone or tablet. It will save as a separate file. From there, you can post it directly to social media.

The same app allows you to edit the video with a scissors tool and gives you the ability to choose from a variety of filters. You can decide on the speed of the clip and add a soundtrack from a list of stock music.

One problem I had was smudging the lens because it is the top one-fourth of the camera. Using the camera with a selfie stick can keep it out of your hands. Also, among the adaptor accessories available for the camera at the company website is a dive housing ($69.99) that will prevent you from inadvertently touching the lens.

You can also do as I did and keep a soft rag on hand to wipe fingerprints off the lens.

The 360fly HD retails for $399, and the 4K camera is $499. Both include standard Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi, and are compatible with a free Android or iOS mobile app that allows users to share content to popular social platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and more.

For more information or to view a gallery of 360-degree videos, visit the company website at