To become a REALTOR® member of the Orange County Association of REALTORS®, you must attend Orientation. It is a mandatory requirement of REALTOR® membership to attend Orientation According to NAR, “effective January 1, 2001 applicants for REALTOR® membership shall complete an orientation program on the Code of Ethics… any orientation program must meet the learning objectives and minimum criteria established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.” Please take a moment to read through the information provided for you.

What is the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice are the backbone of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). They are what distinguish the country’s 1.3 million REALTORS® from other real estate licensees.

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics protects the buying and selling public, promotes a competitive real estate marketplace, enhances the integrity of the industry, and it is your promise of performance and professionalism.

Through NAR, state, and local Associations, REALTORS® are subject to constant professional monitoring that keeps them directly accountable to the individual consumers they serve.

The Code of Ethics requires that REALTORS® put their clients’ interests first at all times. It also describes the optimum performance the public has a right to expect and provides a means for dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, disciplinary action.  View complete Code of Ethics

Why do I have to go to New Member Orientation?

It is a mandatory requirement of REALTOR® membership! According to NAR, “effective January 1, 2001 applicants for REALTOR® membership shall complete an orientation program on the Code of Ethics…any orientation program must meet the learning objectives and minimum criteria established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.”

Section 14-B and 17 of the Bylaws of the National Association of REALTORS® and Orange County Association of REALTORS® states, “Applicants for membership shall be familiar with and agree to abide by the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Orange County Association of REALTORS®, the Bylaws of C.A.R. and N.A.R and agree to attend the Association Orientation class within 120 days of the application.”

REALTORS® who have completed such orientation at another Association of REALTORS® within the state of California shall not be required to complete further Code of Ethics orientation upon application for membership at OCAR provided that REALTOR® membership has been continuous or that any break in membership is for one year or less.

When is it Held?

Orientation is held on a weekday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., once a month at OCAR's Laguna Hills Office. You will receive an orientation date and further details upon joining or reinstating your membership with OCAR. Agents who wish to have their Orientation and Ethics requirements waived (because they have completed it at a previous Association of REALTORS®) must provide written proof from that Association.

How Do I Schedule Orientation?

When you join, you will be given an Orientation date. If you need to reschedule, please email You'll be sent a confirmation email with your new date. Orientation is a commitment that all REALTORS® must keep.

Optional Online Code of Ethics Component

In order for agents to receive credit for attending New Member Orientation and fulfilling NAR’s Code of Ethics requirement, they must complete the full day’s session.  However, OCAR understands that not every new member’s schedule can accommodate being at our office from 9:00 A.M. to 2:40 P.M.  For that reason, members may take the National Association of REALTORS® Online Code of Ethics course in lieu of the live ethics component of New Member Orientation which is scheduled at the end of the day’s session from 12:30 pm to 2:40 pm.  If you have completed NAR’s online training prior to class, simply bring with you NAR’s certificate of completion, present the certificate to OCAR staff, and you’ll be exempted from the live section and be allowed to depart at noon. Members will not be allowed to leave early to complete the online component. Please note that NAR’s Online Code of Ethics Course involves a test, whereas OCAR’s live instruction does not. 

Instructions for Completing Professional Standards/NAR Code of Ethics Component Online
Go to: to access the online New Member Orientation Code of Ethics developed by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Time: Please wait 24 hours after joining/reinstating membership before signing-onto NAR’s online ethics. The course can be completed in one session (approximately 2 1/2 hours), or can be exited after the Quick Review Quiz in any lesson and restarted at the beginning of the next lesson. Failure to complete the Quick Review Quiz prior to exiting the course will require that the lesson be taken over

Registering: Your NAR Membership number (NRDS ID) is required to register for the course (found on your OCAR membership card, it is 9 digits long and begins with 2055). Information on the successful completion of the course automatically updates to an individual's NRDS education record. Further, a certificate of completion will be e-mailed to individuals who successfully complete the course.

Questions on the online course can be directed to the National Association of REALTORS® at (312) 329-8399.

Failure to attend Orientation...

Can result in membership suspension - including MLS and SUPRA key access, notification of your broker, and possible loss of membership fees. Holding a real estate agent’s or broker’s license does not make an individual a REALTOR®. Only membership in N.A.R. entitles licensees to use the term “REALTOR®” on their business cards and in their marketing materials.

A broker or salesperson may be licensed in the State of California, and as such, can perform acts for which a real estate license is required, but he or she may not have previously been a member of the National, State, or a local Association of REALTORS®.

A seasoned agent still needs to attend if they have never been a REALTOR®. Through Orientation, they will become familiar with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice—where common violations can occur that may result in a fine or reprimand from the Association.